Nomadik Hub Dive Center was lucky enough to partner up with Qatar Foundation earlier this year to organize a camping and scuba diving trip for their students. All our participants rocked up to the beach ready for some adventure and excitement!
We kicked off our camping trip by ensuring everyone had a place to sleep and get orientated with the local site. Once the camp was set up we started with a couple of leadership games. At Nomadik Hub we believe that leadership is a critical skill, required throughout life! We believe that by allowing each person to take charge in one aspect gives them the skills they need later in life. Needless to say, the students loved it and made the most of their moment in power!
Students took part in numerous different activities throughout the day, including group discussion, fire building, preparing food and scuba diving. Scuba diving in Qatar is an ever-growing sport and here at Nomadik Hub dive center, we want to share that passion with as many people as possible. We worked with students to complete the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course. Guided them through the theory and equipment before entering into the water. Let’s just say, the world has got some new divers. The students loved their scuba diving experience and have since pursued Nomadik Hub Dive center to complete some more diving in Qatar!
All food on our camping trips is prepared in the desert using the most natural resources. We believe that every person should have an understanding and respect for nature and understand how to survive ‘in the wild’.
We had an absolute blast catering for the students of QF and know they had a great time too! We look forward to seeing them again and taking them on another adventure!

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