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Nomadik Hub, NH, is the cutting edge, reputable and referred dive center in Qatar, founded and managed by diving enthusiasts and PADI Instructors, who, from diving in Qatar felt there was a void that could be filled by their experience. NH offer diving in a professional, safe and enjoyable manner to travelers and residents within Qatar. Since first opening, NH has evolved and grown to become a full-service dive operation, catering to beginners, professional interns, environmentalist, technical divers and recreational divers.  

At NH we collaborate with Marine Biologists, Marine Conservationist, Oceanographers and Project Aware to improve and educate divers about marine conservation, safety and enjoying the underwater environment. We are one of the few dive centers in Qatar that can offer professional ratings up to Assistant Instructor, Divemaster’s and continuing education courses, Specialty ratings and Master Scuba Divers. We facilitate internships that add real value to your training and create better and safer divers.


Surface Water Experiences

  • This program provides for activities on the surface of the water throughout the trip (the ocean or a lake).
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Shallow Reef Dives

  • For certified or non-certified divers! Venture out into the deep blue waters and see all the great marine life.
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Deep Water Wreck

  • Become a treasure hunter and dive into the blue to discover mysterious shipwrecks and take amazing photos!
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Evening Tours

  • Evening tours showcase the beautiful nature and include romantic dinners on a yacht or a boat.
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