A day in the life of the Nomadik Hub diving center tribe. At Nomadik Hub we believe that diving is not just a sport, it is a way of life. The Nomadik Hub dive center created ‘The tribe’ as a way of certified divers meeting new people, to discuss diving related topics and build friendships.

The Nomadik Hub dive tribe started after the owner Mahmoud Masoud noticed that after courses many divers stopped diving. New divers are often nervous to venture into the ocean without the land support of a team, sometimes it’s not made clear where they can dive and how to get equipment, lastly sometimes we want to dive but don’t have a buddy to dive with! At Nomadik hub we believe that diving should be accessible to anyone passionate about the sport. We strive to bring people together in safe and enjoyable ways.

As a tribe, we have arranged and carried out numerous camping and day trip, including exploring unknown dive sites and unknown beaches. Once certified or after joining us on one of the dive days we invite you into the tribe. Together we share and support one another and it’s a great way of discovering new facts and meeting new friends.

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