Recently Noamdik Hub Dive center was lucky enough to certify 4 new Rescue and EFR students! Our students were an amazing bunch that did an outstanding job at rescuing our ‘panicked’ Divemasters!
The PADI Rescue course is one of our favorites to teach at Nomadik Hub. Not only is it great fun and allows us to test out our acting skills. We are safe in the knowledge that we’ve made 4 new life-saving Divers. The PADI rescue course is the first PADI course that forces students to think about their fellow divers needs and expectations. It’s very rare that an accident ever occurs with diving especially when you adhere to the safety rules of diving, but in the unlikely event, something does happen the rescue course is there o teach you how to deal with it.
The rescue course is the prequel course to the PADI Divemaster. The first professional step for PADI. The divemaster is recognized across the world and prepares you to take out certified divers for fun dives and if you complete the Discover Scuba Diving Leader you can take out brand new divers and give them their first taste of the underwater world.
We want to say a massive thank you to our new Rescue divers and hope to see them back again for their Dive Master! Its always good to know there are more safe divers in our oceans looking out for every one of us.

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