Revelations of an underwater photographer.

When I first tell most people I dived almost every weekend during the last of my five years in Qatar, they are sceptical. Fortunately, I always carried my underwater camera with me, so I have proof of how worthwhile diving in this area is.

Despite the fact that Qatar was known in the past for pearl diving, today the entire area is undeservedly overlooked as a destination for any kind of pleasure diving (of course, we don’t take into account commercial diving for numerous oil and gas fields, which provides the advantage of having necessary medical facilities in the country). Qatar is actually very rich in marine life and can provide a really unique experience. Most popular diving spots worldwide have developed infrastructure, easy access and staff to help put on and take off your gear. … Boring! How about a bit of adventure? Humans are discoverers by nature, and it can be hard to scratch that itch when diving with Five Star Dive Centers.

I did a poll and asked people from my Instagram page what first comes to mind when they hear “Qatar.” The most popular answer: “Stopover.” It is true that Hamad International Airport in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is one of the biggest air hubs in the Middle East, connecting West and East, North and South. If you travel to popular diving destinations such as Zanzibar, MaldivesSeychelles or Indonesia, there is a good chance you’ll stay in Doha for a few hours and then continue your trip without even knowing you just missed a unique diving destination.

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