On the 9th January, Nomadik Hub Dive center was able to join with a fantastic cause in Doha, The Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP). Together we worked to create a day of new experiences for the members of DEAP. Introducing members to the underwater world via the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. By introducing members to Scuba Diving in Qatar we were able to promote how important protecting our marine life is and how we can motivate people to recycle at home. By showing people the beauty of the underwater world, we encourage people to pick up rubbish from day today.

Doha Environmental Action Project is Qatar’s largest beach clean-up community
program started by Jeanne Brown on May 2017. DEAP is a Qatar volunteer community with over 20 different nationalities that unite around the common goal of care and cleanliness of the local environment.

When we arrived at the beach, we joked that there wasn’t any rubbish to be seen, however with the guidance of Jeanna, the DEAP leader, it became clear that the rubbish problem is greater than what first meets the eye.

Together Nomdaik Hub dive center and the volunteers of DEAP picked up large amounts litter from the beach and underwater. Those who took part in the Scuba Diving got the chance to experience breathing underwater and explore and area of Qatar they’ve never seen before. The event was a great success with people actively working to try to pick rubbish from the ocean and our beaches, collecting massive 20+ bags. We at Nomadik Hub Dive center tried to actively show members the rubbish floating in our oceans and tried to educate everyone on how even the smallest amount of rubbish will impact us in our food and destruction of the aquatic life.

If you’re interested in doing more environmental projects with Nomadik Hub or DEAP. Give us a call! Every little bit helps and improves the beautiful world we live in.

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