Already certified, join us for a fun dive. There are several sites accessible by land.

Sealine and the Inland Sea offer depths up to 20m, man-made reefs, and wrecks.

Old Club Reef – a man-made reef, just before Sealine Beach Resort. A perfect shore dive for learners and new divers. Maximum depth is around 15 meters, you’ll be treated to sunken buses, cars, toilets, bidets, and more. Visibility varies, on a good day, you can see around 20 feet.


New Club Reef- a man-made reef just after Sealines first dune, the maximum depth is around 18 meters. The site offers man-made structures and placement of items as well as specifically designed hoops for peak performance buoyancy. Perfect for new divers or those trying to improve their skills.

Qafco Reef- a man-made reef, 15 minutes drive from Sealines first Dune. Explore a variety of reef balls that have attracted a wide variety of wildlife and plant growth. Ideal for more experienced divers with a passion for Macro life.

GMC – This is a new artificial reef where a number of GMC vehicles have been sunk to build an artificial reef. The vehicles have attracted a wide variety of wildlife that has made the vehicles home. The vehicles have started to develop a lot of natural life around them and are ideal for all certification levels.

The Barge Othman – Sunken coast guards barge- 10 minutes drive from Sealines first Dune. This sunken wreck is the perfect place to spark your interest into wrecks. 300 meters from the shore, it is home to some of the larger inhabitants of Sealine, including turtles and barracuda. Advanced certification only due to its lower depth and possible currents.

Owner of Nomadik Hub. Mahmoud has a passion for all things technical. Mahmoud started diving when he was 12 years old and has pursued his passion…”

Zeytuna- Natural Reef, its located at Inland Sea 40 minute’s drive from Sealine Resort. Zeytuna is spread across a wide range and offer depths from 7m up to 20m. Explore each reef individually, although be warned you’ll need your twin tank or side mount certification to reach the furthermost reefs.

Qatar has a lot of sites offshore sites include boat wrecks such as M/O Wreck, Macadeen, Barclays and Jezan, with an average depth between 14m and 30m. There are also some sunken oil rigs in the Qatari waters apart from some very nice dive sites at Al Khor, Balhambar wreck (close to Al Khor) and Tech El Dan wreck (a big boat that sunk near Ruwais).

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